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Sri Dasmeshians…. The Good Samaritans

The donation drive received an immediate response to the call made over the school’s PA system. Students from both the primary and secondary sections whole-heartedly worked together to make this donation drive a success. Within a short span of 24 hours, the students organized donation boxes and student volunteers to walk into every classroom and staffroom to collect the funds. It was heartwarming to see young faces parting with their lunch money for such a needy cause. What was even more remarkable was the generous contributions from the Prefectorial Board and the Schools’ Clubs and Societies.

The aim of this drive was to instill good values in the students and encourage them to have more empathy towards the less fortunate. The school has been and will always be actively involved in charity work, primarily through the various Clubs and Societies of the school. Recently, the Interact Club also made a donation to Hospice Malaysia.

This drive is in direct accordance with our school’s mission to be holistic, whereby the students’ social, academic and spiritual development is the focal point of the education system. It is through this focus that Sri Dasmesh reaches for excellence.

We pray that the misery of the people of Myanmar can be elevated as soon as possible.

Anmol Shah of Primary 6 giving her generous donationSharanpreet Kaur of Secondary 2 and Ganagaswaran of Primary 2 contributing their lunch money for the Cyclone victims

Students standing with School Director, Mr Sukdev Singh, holding up the Cheque and Poster

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