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SDIS Events

Leadership Days – Inspired through The Leader In Me Program, Leadership Days provide an avenue for students to gain confidence and improve social interaction while polishing presentation skills and maturing their thinking. Parents join in with song renditions and discuss their child’s ‘data note book’ which logs their child’s character growth in school. Held twice a year, Leadership Days truly electrify the school atmosphere.

Model United Nations Conference (MUN) – The MUN is organized by secondary students for students themselves. School is a flurry of activity the entire week before the official conference and  students do a great deal of research to provide an international flavor to the event. The official protocols to be observed, dress code and documentation is truly impressive.  It is a much sought after event at Sri Dasmesh and students then ‘graduate’ to participate in the international World Scholars Cup annually.

Super Challenge Camp –   Is an overnight camp for students, exposing them to outdoor living. Camp facilitators and teachers lead students to complete a variety of mental & physical challenges within limited time frames, nurturing teamwork, building confidence, harnessing leadership skills and improving overall fitness.

The Star Mighty Minds Challenge – is an annual science and general knowledge competition organized by The Star newspaper and RHB.  Sri Dasmesh is proud to announce that we have been winning prizes at this competition each year, including the state level championship for year 2010 and the runners up for year 2011.

Sports Camp – is one of the most popular events in school. Students test their fitness, flexibility and speed through activities designed for sports and athletics competitions. The camp is organized and executed by students themselves, giving them opportunities to lead, communicate effectively and build team spirit.

Peace Prayer Day & Interfaith Celebrations – ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’, is the mission statement for this special day held once a year on the grounds of Sri Dasmesh.   The school is resplendently decorated in light blue and white.  Students fly the Peace Flag, place candles, flowers and peace messages around the Peace Pole majestically located on the courtyard.

Mind Bogglers Challenge – a science camp held annually at school. Stretching over 2 days, students test their knowledge, creativity and skills in Science & Math, problem solving skills, puzzles, quizzes and general knowledge.  Students have to think out of the box, work in teams and expand their horizons before solving any science related problems

Thinkers Quest – Modelled after the popular ‘Amazing Race’, students complete a series of questions, projects, and hands-on-challenge   within a pre-specified time.   The objective here is to empower students to learn life skills and use common household tools and equipment with confidence.

Mind Mapping Skills  – We conduct annual workshops with students at Lower Secondary levels, working with the Tony Buzan Malaysia Centre.  Mind Maps help students visualize, structure, and classify ideas and as an aid to organizing information in user friendly style for young learners.

Life Skills with ‘Fliteskool’ – a fun filled and challenging 4 week course by our witty and versatile trainer, Ms Lorna Fisher this is an annual event at school. It builds personality, confidence and coordination in the young.

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) – our students are amongst others from over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Pacific region and the USA who participate  in ICAS each year.

Human Values Drama Festival – Language teachers put on their thinking hats and come up with all sorts of creative activities, dramas and musicals to get the right brain working.  The festival is colourful and uplifting, with values being portrayed through song, story and dance.

Math Buzz – a brain child of our teachers, Math Buzz includes composing songs in Mathematics, mental arithmetic and a series of problem solving questions. Winners are crowned ‘Math Wizards’ and walk away with attractive prizes.

English Week – school is never complete without English Week. Jazz Chanting, Choral Speaking, Poetry, Plays, Spelling Bee and more awaits one and all during this happy and carnival like event.

Passing of the Torch – a solemn candle ceremony where outgoing  seniors pass the ‘baton’ over to the incoming seniors who are then officially inaugurated as the new seniors.

Big Brain Challenge (BBC) – is a competition organised by year 10 students running over a period of 4 weeks. Styled like a buzzer quiz, students test their knowledge and literacy in a wide variety of fields. A great way to promote learning, leadership and teamwork.

ECA Carnival – a day to showcase the various clubs and societies in school with presentations, food stalls, hands on activities and songs including international understanding day.

Library Fest – A day event in school where library books are on exhibition on the school courtyard and students walk around sharing excerpts from a book they are reading. We found this to a great way to introduce books to students and encourage the reading habit.

External Competitions– Our students are active in external competitions organized by universities and colleges in the fields of science, public speaking, debates, design and videography to name a few.  They also participate in international conferences thus widening horizons. Some exciting ones include Rocket Building, Oratorical Contest, Spell It Right, I Speak, Videologue, State level Debates, Choral Speaking and Music competitions.

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