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School Charter

Sri Dasmesh shall provide

• A high standard of education integrating mental physical, social and holistic principles at an affordable cost for all citizens of Malaysia.
• A safe and conducive environment where students can explore endless possibilities for learning and growth.
• A caring atmosphere within and outside class, enabling them to express themselves without barriers and prejudices.
• A structured approach to develop courtesy and common goodness in students to create a society of well mannered, well groomed, respectful yet humble young adults.
• A structured system of counseling, guidance and discipline, where ethics, values and principles are emphasised and nurtured; thus creating morally and ethically responsible world citizens.
• A strong emphasis on environmental awareness to develop conscious custodians of Mother Earth.
• A spiritually conscious environment for all, respecting the diverse ethnic, cultural and religious heritage of Malaysia.
• A personalised nurturing approach to student development through integrated mentoring and leadership programs, removing barriers to achievement.
• A sound foundation in the early years for future learning and achievement through programs which include support for parents in their vital role as their children’s first teachers, while keeping an open communication approach with parents to discuss and develop child potential and learning abilities.
• A broad education through a balanced curriculum covering essential learning areas with high levels of competence in basic literacy and numeracy, science and technology.
• A culture of excellence achieved through the establishment of clear learning objectives, monitoring student performance against those objectives and programs to meet individual need.
• Access for students to nationally and internationally recognised programs, events and competitions to encourage participation and growth.
• A practical application of the eight multiple intelligences and mind mapping techniques to enhance students intellect and whole brain growth.
• A wide variety of Sports, Extracurricular, Life Skills and Value Added initiatives to develop wholesome citizens of Malaysia.
• The development of required knowledge, understanding and skills needed by Malaysians to compete successfully in the modern, ever changing world.
• Comply with legislations currently in force or that may be developed to ensure the safety of students and employees.
• An environment of support, training and personal development for all employees of the school.
• The school shall comply with all general legislation as required under the Education Act 1996 (Act 550), and the relevant governing bodies in Malaysia.

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