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‘A school should not be a preparation for life, a school should be Life!’ is the underlying philosophy at Sri Dasmesh – a school which vibrates enthusiasm, excitement and opportunity for each individual who walks through the school gates. Eager and joyful young learners are greeted with courtesy and personal care as they make their way around the school halls and walkways. Opportunity for discovering the best in them waits at every turn, be it in their personal grooming, their language or their habits.

Established in the year 2001 we are non-profit based and our fee structure is about the lowest amongst international schools in Malaysia. Effective January 2014, we are a full-fledged Cambridge International School offering the Cambridge curriculum, with students sitting for the IGCSE examinations (International General Certificate of Education) in Year 11. Apart from two major examinations set by the school each year, students sit for the following international assessments:

YEAR 6            Primary Checkpoint              for 12 year olds

YEAR 9            Cambridge Checkpoint          for 15 year olds

YEAR 11          IGCSE                                 for 17 year olds

The school has had an excellent track record since inception with 100% passes in all National Exams held. We have frequently received awards from the Ministry of Education for outstanding results and students graduate to pursue further education both locally and abroad. Many win scholarships for higher education with their excellent academic performance and leadership qualities.

Teachers at Sri Dasmesh nurture each student preciously; we emphasise personal care to bring out the best possible in each child. The focus is ‘inside-out’ development; paying close attention to maturity of thought and action. We continuously attend trainings and camps to harness better skills and knowledge in our promise to develop a caring, principle centred and disciplined social society.

Ours is a unique blend of a forward thinking educational approach complemented with timeless principles and ‘common sense’ truths which have withstood the test of time – personal leadership, morally conscious goals, pursuit of spirituality and happiness; life skills and intellectual wisdom.  Life is rich and varied with character building as a daily pursuit at Sri Dasmesh.

Sri Dasmesh places equal emphasis on value-added learning, complementing the curriculum with enrichment activities. We teach leadership, values and respect through various instruments at school: The Leadership Program with Franklin Covey, the Three Golden Rules, the Two Silver Rules, Meal Time Prayers and Interfaith worship. Student Campaigns and special events are a common feature of school life.

Sri Dasmesh takes pride in its home grown product – the school’s Enrichment Program.  This program introduces a whole new range of experiential learning at no extra cost to parents. As the word suggests, this program is to ‘enrich’ the child and make school enjoyable and wholesome. Here, the emphasis is on creativity, left brain approach, projects and activities. Students look forward to these classes which have been built into the regular time-table and therefore do not extend beyond school hours. Key highlights of the program are the teaching of Leadership, Living Skills, World History, Mandarin, Computer Skills, Music, Punjabi, Yoga & Meditation, Performing Arts and Values Education.


Students at Sri Dasmesh are keen sports enthusiasts and the school calendar is testimony to their involvement in Athletics and various games. Annually, they compete at inter-school, district and national levels.  Much awaited events each year include Sports Camp, Cross Country Run, Sports Day and Dasmesh Premier League. Each year more and more students are crowned winners in Track & Field Events, Hockey, Netball, Football, Squash, Table Tennis, Chess and Tennis at district and state levels.


We are the first school in Malaysia to be licensed and accredited by Franklin Covey Organisation USA to teach the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids’ to school children. This leadership model has been highly successful in over 600 schools in the USA and Canada, empowering children to make winning decisions. A brainchild of Dr Steven Covey this program focuses on ‘creating leaders one child at a time’ through building effective life-long habits based on principles of timeless truths.

In the year 2016, SDIS was declared a “Leader in Me Lighthouse School” by Franklin Covey, an honour bestowed to only 176 schools worldwide by Franklin Covey Co, a global company specialising in performance improvement.

The Lighthouse status recognises outstanding achievements in school and student outcomes through the implementation of the “Leader in Me” model. “As a Lighthouse school, the school has become a showcase for leadership skills and is a beacon for other schools in the country and around the world,” said FranklinCovey’s Vice President Bill McIntyre, who was present to make the announcement.

Sri Dasmesh practises and teaches these habits amongst teachers, parents and students. The seven habits are taught through a three tier structure:

A. THE PRIVATE VICTORY, using Habits 1, 2, 3

A student experiences Private Victory by learning self-mastery and self-discipline.

Habit 1: The Habit of Choice
Be Proactive – I am responsible for making good decisions
Habit 2: The Habit of Vision
Begin with the end in mind – I plan ahead and set goals
Habit 3: The Habit of Integrity & Execution
Put first things first – I do important things first

B. THE PUBLIC VICTORY, using Habits 4, 5, 6

A student reaps Public Victory by building meaningful communication with others

Habit 4: The Habit of Mutual Benefit
Think Win-Win – When conflicts arise I look for win-win answers.
Habit 5: The Habit of Mutual Understanding
Seek First to Understand then to be Understood – I listen to other people’s ideas and feelings
Habit 6: The Habit of Creative Cooperation
Synergise – I value other people’s strengths and learn from them

C. THE RENEWAL, using Habit 7

Habit 7: The Habit of Renewal
Sharpen the Saw – A student learns to balance the four parts of self:
The body – by taking care of personal health through nutrition and exercise;
The brain – through learning and seeking knowledge;
The heart – nurturing healthy relationships and positive communication;
The spirit – by leading a meaningful life.


We observe daily Circle Time where the class teacher and students meet in a circle every morning. A circle formation signifies equality and a cooperative approach to sharing ideas and problem solving. Teachers use a ‘talking stick’ where only the student holding the ‘talking stick’ has the right to speak for a limited time frame after which the next student takes a turn. Through Circle Time, students learn the art of respect, patience, learning how to listen while developing good communication skills.  Topics include current news, general knowledge, addressing classroom issues and storytelling. Circle Time at SDIS has been instrumental in developing children’s awareness of their responsibilities towards others and towards themselves.


The school badge has been designed to highlight seeking knowledge with equal emphasis on extra- curricular activities and character development.  This is evident through the key emblems therein; the book, the torch and the numeral 7 representing the 7 habits.  The lion and the eagle are the kings of their respective species, signifying courage, leadership and vision.


The school flag has a striking gold background signifying students’ optimism to expand and broaden horizons. Gold depicts royalty and dignity, qualities essential for students as they take their position as global citizens of this earth. The green represents nature while the blue signifies the sea & sky.  Red on the other hand signifies courage balanced by the purity and peace of the white outline.

SDIS School Flag

SRI Dasmesh International School Flag



The school offers the following Clubs:

Art Club
Boy Scouts
Chess Club
English Club
Fitness Club
Girl Scouts
Home Economics
Interact Club
Maths & Science Club
Red Crescent Society
Taekwondo Club

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