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Jessi Kaur

Being a high profile lecturer in English Literature first, then a Human resource Consultant and now a Writer, Jessi is an amazing asset to the fraternity of educators, students and parents alike.  

She shares her experiences openly with everyone and draws children to question and reaffirm their beliefs. She talks about diversity. Why does everybody only want to become doctors, lawyers, engineers and pilots, she questions the students. What about the Arts, what about historians, archeologists, writers, movie producers……….  

One evening Jessi facilitated a highly empowering workshop with parents and teachers at the school where she talked about conscious parenting and how parents can empower yet set clear boundaries for their children. She spent hours with us sharing her journey as a parent, a career woman and a wife.  

‘Be a role model to your family, be strong, be an enabler, communicate with caring’, she said, ‘if you demonstrate ego and insecurity the family unit will disintegrate and the next generation will inherit your insecurities and inadequacies’. We left the hall thinking, my god, we have done so much harm already through the way we speak to our children and our spouses! It was indeed an eye opening workshop.  

Once, in a private discussion with her, Jessi confessed that what she enjoys most is connecting with her 19 year old son, Anhad who attends Film School in UCLA, California. Anhad wants to produce movies on the Sikh Empire during the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and a host of other documentaries.  

She has just returned home to the USA and her first email was so warm, it made us tear up. And on the very first day home, she was up the entire night sharing with her son, up to 4am and they finally went to bed after their morning prayers. What a wonderful way to connect as a family. 

Jessi Kaur


 It has been an enriching experience for the SDS community to have had Jessi over and an equally wonderfully opportunity to have organized her Malaysian tour and hosted her for almost 3 weeks. We miss you Jessi and really looking forward to having you over again……..

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