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Chamanjeet was not only the Head Prefect of Sek Sri Dasmesh Kuala Lumpur, but also the Interact Club President and an active member of the school Netball Team. Her winning combination of balancing studies with extra curricular activities is an example for all high aspiring students to emulate. She always found time to participate in camps and competitions in school. She was a member of the school’s Choral Speaking team which bagged 2nd prize at the National level competition last year.

Ms Jaya, her English teacher says, ‘if you want a job well done, give to Chaman; she will bend over backwards to see it happen!” And it is no surprise that Chaman would frequently stay back in school to plan and organize prefects’ activities and attend brainstorming sessions during weekends.

Her many talents include playing the violin and singing. Her recipe for success: consistency and excellent time management. Her advice to students: never complain about not having time, MAKE TIME!

The school was also proud to have Delvinderjit Singh score a total of 13As and Manpreet Kaur scoring 12As, while other top scorers achieved 8As. Both Delvinder and Manpreet aspire to become doctors, and like Chaman, they did not depend on tuition to score.

It was a wonderful present for the school to celebrate the 1st term holidays with 100% passes, including 100% As in English, 90% As in Modern Maths and Chemistry. When the results were announced, students from the classrooms, poured onto the corridors and into the courtyard area to celebrate and cheer their ‘heroes’. And the teachers, they were a picture of smiles all day.

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